How much is it to hire?

Prices range from $60 to $250 depending on brand, RRP and rarity of the item.

The price can be seen on each item's page on our website along with the RRP, fit notes and a link to the designer's size guide.


Do I need to book an appointment to try something on?

YES! Please click the link for "Book Try-On Appointment" for further details.


Can I put an item on hold?

Unfortunately we do not offer 'holds' on items.

To secure/book an item, the full hire fee must be paid in-person or on the website to book it in. If you then try it on in the show-room and you don't like it or it doesn't fit you can swap to any other available item so long as it is for the same date as the original hire.

Hire fees are non refundable if you change your mind or decide not to hire anything if your garment doesn’t fit, a credit note may be honoured in some circumstances.


Do I need to clean the dress or have it dry cleaned before I return it?

No, we take care of the cleaning process for you! This is not only to make it super easy & convenient for you, but also to ensure the garments are taken care of and not damaged, shrunk, discoloured or not treated properly by an inexperienced dry cleaner!


What day do I collect my dress if I have booked a pick-up?

We usually do collections on the day of your event (unless otherwise requested) to ensure the items are on the rack for others to try for future dates.

However, if your event is early Saturday morning, Friday or mid-week we can arrange an earlier collection – we have a comment box at check out where you can request an earlier collection day, or chat to us prior to booking.


Do you offer postage?

Yes! We offer express postage Australia wide for an additional cost of $25 payable at the time of the booking.

This includes postage to you and a prepaid pre-labelled satchel for you to put the dress into and lodge at an Australia Post Office on the Monday following your hire (mid week hires or extended hires may require a different lodgement day).


Can I tan? What happens if I get tan on the underarms?

Yes, of course you can tan! We love a good tan, however you MUST wash your tan off before you put the dress on!

We do recommend you wash your tan off (2 showers is ideal) at least 24 hours before you plan to wear the garment and choose your tan wisely. Really cheap instant tanners tend to stain more than the natural ones.

It is likely tan will get onto the underarms especially when it’s hot outside, don’t stress! As long as it’s not freshly applied without a wash, it will come out of the dress with a soak and clean.


What happens if I stain the dress?

We ask that you are super careful when wearing our garments, however we understand spills happen and want you to have fun in the dress, so if anything concerning spills or marks the dress (i.e. Red Wine, Espresso Martini, dirt/grass marks) please let us know and we can advise you on how to avoid permanent staining.

Tan marks and make up do come out but please still be careful as excessive marks may incur an extra cleaning fee upon return as per our Terms and Conditions.

If it is not able to be removed with soaking, deep cleaning or dry cleaning, the full RRP of the dress is payable in order for the dress to be replaced.


What happens if I damage the dress?

We have an amazing repairer who can fix buttons, broken zips, fallen hems, splits in seams etc but he isn’t a magician! So please be careful when putting the dress on, zipping it up and moving around in it. Invisible zips are delicate so if you ask you boyfriend to zip you up tell him to be gentle!

Any repairs to the dress will be at your expense and usually range from $10-$35 depending on what it is that needs fixing. If it is not repairable, the full RRP of the dress is payable in order for the dress to be repaired.